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 The Forgotten Angel. *Aka Forgotten Slave*

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PostSubject: The Forgotten Angel. *Aka Forgotten Slave*   Sun Apr 03, 2011 7:18 pm

She knelt upon the cold stone floor, watching the steel
door. Every day she had returned to that spot. Every day she waited obediently.
Every day she waited patiently, every day she went through the routine… every
day would pass like the last. Her heart sank as the clock chimed, telling her
that it was now 2AM.

With a saddened heart she slowly bowed her head to the
ground and then sat up again.

“ThankYou Master” she whispered into the great nothingness
that had become her prison.

Slowly she would move to the table in the centre of the
room. It was a wooden table with lather and padding upon it, much like that
seen in a massage parlour. There she would collect the items she had laid out
before she had moved to kneel in the usual spot. Collecting half the items from
the table she moved to the velvet covered bench with a sink. Though they had
not been used she still put them in the sink and lovingly cleaned each and
every one of them before placing them in the draining rack. She would then dry
each item carefully, making sure they were washed correctly and now dried

Each was set upon the velvet bench, laid out as they had
been on the table in the centre of the room. With all laid out she turns her
attention to cleaning the sink and draining rack. Then hanging the three tea
towels she used upon a small clothes line that hung above the sink just for
that purpose. Once done she returned to the items. Her soft fingers brushing
over each battery controlled toy, each plug and non-electronic toy. Sighing she slowly began to return each item
to its home in the cabinet above the bench. Locking the cabinet she walked back
to the table, collecting the leathers into a small wooden basket, lined with
velvet so not to allow any damage to be done to any of the leathers
within. These where not taken to the
sink with the bench. Not at all. Lone ago he had taught her to never wash the
leathers without his permission. After all he would have to replace all that
was damaged should she not wash them correctly…

Taking the basket to ‘the tack room” and setting it down by
a well worn chair. It was not time to sit and oil them yet. Instead she
returned to the main room, collecting the large cushion from His chair and
putting it away in the chest to the right of the chair. Then taking the silver
goblet and corked bottle of wine back to the wine room, the door to this was
behind His chair. Upon coming back out her fingers brush over his chair. There
was no dust to tell how long she had been alone.. Nothing in there would hint to any at the
length of time that had passed

Padding back across the room and entering the tack room she
collected the oil and cloths she needed. Sitting down in her chair she took a
moment. Leaning forward and looking into the basket of leathers she had grown
very fond of. How hollow and empty they seemed now there was not a Master to
wield them… Slowly she went about cleaning them and then she began to oil them.
One at a time, from her least favourite paddle, to her favourite whip through
to her most hated face harness. As each was done she would stand and return
them to their correct hooks in the tack room.
The clock chimed 3AM telling
her it was time to finish. Putting the basket away she left the tack room,
closing and locking the door. Going to
the fridge she took out an apple and a bottle of chilled water. Setting the keys upon their hook she padded
back across the large clear room. Moving through the satin and velvet lined
curtain and across the fur rug she moved to her large and very soft bed. Eating
her apple and drinking her drink she slipped under the covers.

Every night was the same. Every night she would curl up in
her bed. Every night she would hug her teddy bear close and every night she
would cry herself to sleep. Wishing her Master would return so that she would
no longer, be all alone.

"'Cause mama im in love
with a criminal
And this type of love
Isn't rational, it's physical
Mama please don't cry
I will be alright
All reasons inside"

*it was like she had been taken out of the world. that she had been wiped from
the face of the Earth. did anyone even know she was gone? that she was alive?
Shaking her heart Angel slowly got to her feet. She had become so very skinny
in the time that had passed.. the food and water supply had run out, well she
was drinking the shower water but the bottled water and fruit from the fridge
was completely gone. Sighing she closed the fridge, looking up at the ceiling
Angel did not want to go up there, for fear of punishment... But should she
stay there... How many days, weeks, hours, minutes, seconds had already passed
since her Master had left her there?

Either way she could not stay down there much longer... the lights where no
longer working, nor was the heater and the shower was not producing hot or even
luke warm water.. This lead her to the assumption that the power was no longer
connected.. either that or she had done something terribly wrong to deserve
such a punishment as being left alone, in the playroom for so long, without
food, water or power.. Angel could not think of what she could have done
wrong... her stomach pulled her from the thoughts of "what have I done
wrong" and reminded her that she had not eaten in some time now.. she
estimated it at almost four days.. but she was not certain of this.. she was
not certain of this... But then what was she certain of these days, other then
her loneliness and hollow feelings inside?

Slowly Angel padded across the large room, stopping at the foot of the wooden
stairs she looked up them at the door and bit her bottom lip. She was not
allowed to leave without permission... She was not allowed to do much without
permission... her fingers brushed over the dainty green color with diamonds on
it, at her throat. He had made it for her, completely himself.. even selecting
each diamond on it specially for her.... Looking down she closed her eyes and
moved to the first step. Her heart pounded as her bare feet fell upon that
first cold wooden step. She waited, as if expecting Him to leap out from
somewhere at any second and bust her for breaking His rules.

After a few silent moments of painful waiting she slowly moved up to the next
step. With each step her curiosity and excitement grew but with each step so
did her fear, that maybe he was setting her up. That maybe her Master was
there, waiting, on the other side of the door with the paddle... Finally she
reached the door. Angel turned and looked back down the steps, at her home...
Could she really do this? As she turned to the door again she reached out and touched
the handle, gasping she pulled back, as if she had been bitten. The door handle
was cold... Very very cold... slowly she reached out again and begin to timidly
turn the door handle. hearing the click she slowly, as quietly as possible,
push it open....
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The Forgotten Angel. *Aka Forgotten Slave*
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