Welcome to Extinction. the world as we know it no longer exists humanity is on the brink of total annihilation. Man must put aside their racial and religious differences and work together to survive. Welcome to the end of mankind.
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 the Forgotten Jade.

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PostSubject: the Forgotten Jade.    Sun Apr 03, 2011 8:22 pm

"please... Don't leave me..." The words came out as a whisper and where quickly followed by the sound of thunder and the dark sky being with brilliant bolts of lightening... but he was gone... and her words where drowned out even to her own ears by that dreadful thunder...

Jade sat upright in her bed, the thin white cotton sheet, sticking to the sweat on her naked from. it took several moments for her to breath somewhat steadily again... another several minutes after before her heart beat returned to normal and she had stopped shaking.. finally she manged to wipe her hands over her face before wiping them clean of the cold sweat on the sheet. turning she let her feet rest upon the floor, the sheet sticking to her body, moved with her.
It never went away, no matter how many years had passed since that day upon the beach, amongst the bodies that had fought in the great war. She had pleaded with him to stay, to let her go with him. Anything, to keep him with her, was promised to the man... the great man that had never seen himself as something special... but he had been... he was... Probably still was if he had survived the purge that came after the war. Many had not survived the Purge...
The great war had brought about freedom for those of Terra... But with freedom came the great cost of security.. So much had been lost, riches had been wasted in the wars to form great armies that could fight til their last breaths... Those that squandered their money in such away did not think that, after the war, gold and silver would be needed for basic luxuries like food, clothing, a roof even if it was nothing but a water proof cloth to protect from the rain for a few minutes of peaceful sleep... Oh no this was never considered... Silly really. Yes the rich lost their monies and many fled Terra in the refugee ships to seek their fortune and a new beginning elsewhere but those left behind had nothing... Those left behind where slowly dieing. Those that died, their bodies quickly became riddled with disease and this, in turn, caused those that lived to die quicker and some poor few to become cursed with a long life and slow painful ailments... These poor souls where shunned and outcast after all... who wished to be near a leper? at the risk of catching the disease? very few if any, even those that served the great Deities shied from the lepers..

((Stopped thanks to Depression...))
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the Forgotten Jade.
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